Here at OFEX, we offer a range of services. From the whole fulfilment service, to various other one off packages which can really help your business.

We’re also very proud to offer you the very latest OMS software, Mintsoft, for no extra cost; eliminating hundreds of pounds spent on shopping cart integration and accessible on your smart phone or tablet. You can find out more about this revolutionary extra, by clicking here

Here’s a list of our services:


Order Fulfilment - The Complete Package

There are two types of order fulfilment services we can carry out for you; ad-hoc one off projects and long term contractual fulfilment.

We integrate all major ecommerce systems, including: 

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Woo Commerce
  • Open Cart
  • eBay
  • Brightpearl
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Open Cart
  • Not On The High Street
  • Big Commerce
  • CS. Cart
  • Groupon
  • Easy Web Store
  • And many more…

The process is very simple, we accept delivery of your products to us and we carry out a thorough inventory.

If the product is to be turned around quickly, then our storage facilities are not required and our team of ecommerce fulfilment experts jump into action assuring the most efficient and accurate turn around for you.

If you require long term fulfilment services, we would ensure your stock is placed carefully on our racking system whilst recording not only the quantity of each stock keeping unit (SKU) but also its location in our warehouse. Then when it comes to picking your stock, not only will we know what aisle it’s located on, but we’ll also know what rack and what shelf your product is located on for speed and accuracy of picking. We also use a cross reference coding system to double check items at the point of picking.

Once they’re picked, our ecommerce fulfilment expert signs the despatch note and hands it to his/her colleague who will then in turn double check the items picked are correct, their quantities and then, having also signed the dispatch note, will proceed to pack the item to be sent.

You can expect every one of your goods to be picked, packed and posted to our pre-agreed specifications.

A daily record is made of exactly what has been sent for you, how it was sent, what packaging was used and all the breakdown of these individual costs. We would also add tracking numbers to this report which we then email over to you so that you receive it by 6.30pm. 

  • Stay on top of all of your orders and records

    Our systemised approach means all of the orders, inventory, accounting, customer information and reporting will be put into one accessible place.

  • You can minimise unnecessary hours of basic admin time and reduce errors in the process

    Our precise automatic syncing across all orders placed, data, inventory and accounting will make this achievable.

  • Complete transparency into our processes and your business

    We offer an open door policy for all our existing and prospective fulfilment customers. Come and see the warehouse, meet the team and see how we work! You can even log onto our CCTV systems to watch your products being picked, packed and shipped.

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Packing Services & Fragile Goods

We have a very clear and strict internal procedures for packing fragile goods, where our trained staff know exactly how to tackle all packaging challenges.

Simply back into our drop-off loading bay and we’ll collect it from your vehicle to carefully pack – it really is that easy. 

Why choose this service?
  • A totally hassle free service
  • No need to source packaging
  • No need to spend ages packing your parcels only to find you are missing x,y,z…
  • Obtain the best possible rates for sending your goods
  • Leave it to the professionals 

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Postal & courier services

Fed up of postal strikes and unreliable courier services?

We act as the middle man to find the ideal postal or courier service for you, which gets delivered on time and ensures your customers are 100% satisfied.

Our procedure is thorough and doesn’t leave any stones unturned, providing you with a full breakdown of costs and tracking references where applicable.

Why choose this service?  
  • Save money
  • Same time on postal administration
  • Free returns address and returns management

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Stock Management

Trying to keep on top of all of your products can be a logistical nightmare, that’s why our stock management service offers you the complete peace of mind.

We carry out a complete inventory of your stock as soon as it arrives on our premises and check it against your records. As soon as you have goods in or goods out, we update the stock levels accordingly, and make sure to keep you updated however often you wish.

Why choose this service?
  • Peace of mind knowing exactly what you have in stock at any given moment
  • Set re-order levels or notifications for when you need a reminder
  • Meticulous stock rotation of products that have a shelf life

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We can even provide you with storage for all of your goods. With your home or warehouse overflowing, you can sit back and relax while you benefit from our high security storage service.

You simply send us your goods or we can even collect them for you. Then we ensure they are securely stored in a clean environment and accessible for you at any time you ask.

  • Total flexibility from one month to the next
  • A personable service High Security with CCTV, fire systems and guarding services
  • Financially beneficial insurance options
  • A team on hand to re-pack or courier your goods at any minute
  • Walk-in facility to have instant access to your stock at a moment’s notice.

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And don’t forget our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

For more information on any of our services, either click the links or give our lovely team a call today on +44 (0) 1634 660 231

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Making the latest technology work for you!

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