VE Day

May 08, 2020

VE Day is a time for reflection.
I remember very well my grandmother telling me lots of stories about how she was bombed in the war. She was a publican, and after one of the bombings that hit her pub, she put on her lemon suit from Harrods and went down and opened up and started pulling pints.
It just shows an incredible resilience. It permeated society at that time.
If anything good comes from Coronavirus then it will be that our resilience will only get stronger.
As small business owners and entrepreneurs, we are very much more used to living with uncertainty, which has perhaps given us a little bit of help in dealing with this pandemic.
My family has just come through it. We contracted coronavirus as we live in a hot spot here in Kent, and it was a very frightening experience.
*However, today really does put that into perspective in terms of what previous generations have been through.*
Marching forward from here, yes, of course there's an inevitable recession, which isn't surprising. Although, what is great news, of course, is the fact that the projected recovery is really strong and the forecast, at the moment, is to be fast.
For me, the UK has the perfect balance of access to financial help and health care, *whilst also* being able to tap into that resourcefulness and British spirit that makes people shine when faced with challenges of every shape and size.
*The access to free healthcare, in the shape of our beloved NHS, only happened as an aftermath of the Second World War.*
So we have a lot to be grateful for, especially when we see how people are suffering greater hardships in other countries.
I am grateful my family are now recovering and that we, as a society, can all see the light at the end of this tunnel.
With my business hat on I am also grateful for the accelerated changes we’ve seen in our industry; the influx of online businesses, which would have always materialised but perhaps not at such breakneck speed. I’m grateful that the UK is a perfect melting pot for E-Commerce entrepreneurs. We are a nation of “clickaholics” and as such we are also seeing a huge increase in international companies wanting a slice of our British pie.
~ But most of all I’m grateful to my grandmothers’ generation and the sacrifices and real hardship they endured to give us a legacy of freedom. A legacy that should be cherished and treated with the reverence it deserves.
Happy 75th VE Day

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