Why Businesses need to use Professional Courier Services

Oct 08, 2013


It’s a common fault that many small businesses, at least at the beginning of trading, choose to deliver their products themselves or pop down to the post office on a daily/bi-daily basis. Whilst this is all well and good the time you’re spending out and about is time you’re not spending on developing and marketing your business.

When you started up you probably didn’t think your talents lay in popping to the post box or visiting the post office more regularly than the bathroom however this is a sort of pattern many small businesses fall into because demand is greater than you may have imagined.

Working with a company who provide courier services removes one daily stress from your business life.

Professional Courier Partner

You can of course find a local courier who can take over the job you do now but in most instances you’ll need to partner with a larger courier service and utilise a facility such as OFEX’s postal and courier services whereby your chosen courier is used but the mailing out and organising of deliveries is taken off your hands.

The time you spend labelling, organising and pricing up of your deliveries is removed as you pay a figure based on a quote tailored to your requirements.

Utilising a service like this also means you can tap into your chosen fulfilment houses economies of scale and more often than not the cost of fulfilment is mitigated by the direct savings on postage and couriers.

Why use Courier Services?

If we hadn’t made it clear enough the first obvious answer is time. With more time on your hands to dedicate to your business you can grow sales, develop your brand and focus on the core aspects of your business rather than the admin.

Another key benefits is it is also a clever way of cutting costs. Think of the petrol you’ll save on all those local drop-off deliveries and likewise the rates you’re charged should be much less costly than the individual parcel prices you pay. You can arrange a rate dependent on the amount of items you need posting, the size they tend to be and how often you need to send them. Of course this may go up and down with the seasons but fluctuations are common in all businesses and are to be effected.

What if you don’t outsource?

If you choose not to outsource your postal and courier services then chances are you’re keeping your business small. In a sense you’re stunting its growth as the more time you spend on your daily, easily outsourced tasks the less you have to dedicate to your core business activity.

Some businesses aren’t even aware it’s possible to outsource couriering but we make sure it is so you can utilise your time efficiently and grow your business organically. The more time and capital you free up, the more you have to dedicate to your talents.

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