Why you need your own Ecommerce Website

Sep 24, 2013


If you have a small business where you either sell or resell products then it is possible to trade without your own website. Many businesses succeed without their own ecommerce website relying on platforms such as eBay and Amazon but you can make much more of your business if you have your own website instead or as well.

Benefits of your own Ecommerce Website

To ensure you have a professional, appealing ecommerce website there will be a small initial start-up cost and annual hosting fees but these will pale in comparison to those charged by the traditional selling platforms. Chances are using one of the popular selling platforms you’ll lose up to 25% of your total sales each month and this figure is drastically reduced if you have your own website.

Flexibility and Free Reign

Your website your rules. Of course you’re not going to do anything unprofessional but you can be more flexible with your product range. Most of the popular ecommerce platforms have restrictions on what can and can’t be sold whilst on your own website you can sell what you like, provided it’s legal of course. You can set your own payment terms and delivery conditions within reason and run your business along the lines which suit your lifestyle.

Let your Creativity Flow

With your own website you have the freedom to create a genuine, professional brand identity. You can create a website which matches your business’ personality and style and you can ensure it’s consistent across the board and really feels the way you want your brand to feel. You can of course build your own store or shop page within eBay and Amazon but there are pre-set options for creating your listings and these can hamper the overall look and feel of your sales. You look like one of the crowd rather than standing out as an individual brand ahead of the crowd.

Choose your Partners

Your own ecommerce website means you can choose who you work with when it comes to everything from product fulfilment to packaging to couriers. You can choose to work with a specialist company like us here at OFEX who focus on ensuring every element of your order fulfilment process on the conditions you set. You can be flexible and choose both one off and long term options as suit your needs.

Exude Professionalism

Having your own website in any business gives you an additional boost of professionalism that puts you above those stores and sellers than can only be found through other platforms. It gives your customers a place they can come to find out more in depth information about you. Your own ecommerce website gives you some gravitas and tells your customers you genuinely ‘mean business’. It’s also much easier to connect your ecommerce website with your social media channels and get conversation flowing and drum up even more interest in your business.

Choosing to run your online shop through one of the tried and tested platforms does make logical sense In the long run however to guarantee flexibility and full control of your business’ development, all ecommerce business owners should consider launching their own branded website.

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