How to develop your UK Market as a foreign company business owner

Jul 05, 2013

Here at OFEX we work with E-Commerce business owners all over the world  and have customers from Australia, Taiwan and Sweden to London businesses who are, by comparison, just up the road to us.

Working with an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs from the UK and overseas, is a part of my work I really cherish and this week I’d like to introduce you to a customer of ours, Philip Tstasos, who in this week’s blog tells his own story as to how he has developed his Greek based olive oil business, and how we have helped him achieve his goals…


It is often said that food tastes much better in its origin than it does anywhere else. For instance the taste of Greek Olive Oil as it comes out of the Olive Press is something that is rarely experienced outside of the Greek countryside. This is a great shame as Greece produces many excellent olive oils and there is no reason why this shouldn’t be enjoyed by consumers in the UK in the same way as it is by the locals that produce it.
In the region of Argolida near Ancient Epidavros, olive oil has been produced for thousands of years and due to the “Manaki” variety of olives grown here the olive oil has a distinct and very delicate taste with a wonderful aroma. Unfortunately though most of this oil is exported in bulk and lost to blending so rarely reaches consumers in its natural state, hence why it tastes so much better when visiting the region than it does anywhere else.
Pelia was founded with the aim of taking this oil in its natural state and bringing it directly to consumers. Of course many challenges arose in reaching this goal, but with the help of the locals ensuring the best quality product and the help of a fulfilment centre in securing efficient and cost effective logistics this concept has now been turned into a reality, and today anyone in the UK can have a very premium olive oil delivered to their door within 3 days at a very reasonable price.
In order to recreate the experience of trying something locally, an extremely high quality must be achieved. This is why the olives that are used for Pelia olive oil are all hand-picked by locals from small family owned groves. These olives are then taken directly to the Olive Press while still in their optimal condition where the olive oil is extracted on the same day using the cold extraction method. It is then bottled on site at the olive press, ensuring that what goes into the packaging is the pure olive juice. This way the packaged product is of the most premium quality and ready to be sent to the buyer.
Of course the logistics of sending olive oil from the Greek village to the home of the buyer in the UK can be quite complicated and when taking into account the weight and mass of olive oil the delivery cost will far out way the price of the product.
For this reason it was really important to get a unique relationship with a fulfilment company, as they needed to provide us with very select conditions plus being able to offer competitive rates for delivery to multiple companies so that the price of the olive oil remained reasonable.
Luckily we managed to find such a company and our working relationship with OFEX has enabled us to bring this unique tasting olive oil to the UK ensuring extremely quick turnaround of order to consumer (within 2 working days) while at all times being tracked so as to know the exact location of the olive oil until it reaches the buyer.
Therefore, if you’re thinking that you have a unique product, but are unsure of how to get it to your consumer, then think again. Our relationship with OFEX has enabled us to provide an extremely high quality olive oil to buyers in the UK at a very reasonable price which can be delivered to their door within days of them ordering on Pelia’s online store. For a short video on how this olive oil has been produced please visit the Pelia website (

As you can see, Philip really has a great product, and I’m sure this article shows how you really can work from anywhere in the world to bring your product successfully to market here in the UK by choosing the right fulfilment house. So whether you are looking to test a market for your product here in the UK, or commit to developing market share here, we can help you achieve both. Get in touch today to chat through your project or request a quotation.

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